Escort Friendly Social Media Is Here!

Escort Friendly Social Media Is Here!

XXX Creation is now on Ello!

What is Ello you ask?

Well, its like Facebook. But not. Ello does not advertise to you, it does not sell your data and it does not tell the world all about your life.

Ello is social media with privacy. Perfect for someone working in the Escort industry who wants to have an online presence that allows more than 140 characters, wants to keep it totally separate to their real life outside of Escorting and allows them to focus on their business and engage new customers in a way that Twitter does not allow.

It is free to use and you only need an e-mail address to create a profile.

Whats the catch then?

Well at this time Ello is invite only as they finalise the site for its official launch. But there  might be some people about with a few spare invites if you know who to ask… ;D

We think Ello will be a great place to promote your Escort service. We will bring you more info as it develops to see how you can best use it.